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A wonderful article on historic cleaning techniques

This New York Times article covers some of the cleaning methods used in Victorian England, including using bread to clean wallpaper. Stone floors were also cleaned with skim milk, and laundry with fresh urine (cringing here!). It is interesting…


The Magic of black inks

The Office for International Academic Projects is offering a great course on the history of black inks & their various formulations, including iron gall, sepia, bistre and logwood inks. This class will also cover chemical composition, manufacture and conservation…


Preserving a Stained Diploma

Repairing and restoring diplomas and certificates is a familiar task in my conservation practice.  Diplomas come in a wide variety of sizes and formats.  They may be made of parchment or paper, and the inks used vary from printing inks to…


Pergamena: The ancient craft of parchment making

This is a wonderfully informative video on the process of making vellum/parchment, which dates back to 2450 B.C. Jesse Meyer has revived this craft and distilled it down to an art! The process of making parchment involves soaking animal…


The Psychology of creativity

An interesting article about creativity and the way the human mind works. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/boundless/201907/the-psychology-creativity…