How To Care For Your Family Documents

Do you have a collection of genealogical documents, such as birth certificates, diplomas, marriage licenses, maps, family bibles, journals, scrapbooks or other paper-based genealogical materials that require safekeeping?

Here are some basic storage guidelines to help protect your valuables:

1.  Store your belongings in a climate-controlled environment, between 50-70 degrees Farenheit.  The ideal relative humidity range for paper-based items is 30-50%.  Purchase a hygrometer to monitor RH fluctuations throughout the days and seasons.  Do not store your belongings in attics or basements, as these areas of the house typically fall outside the desired RH and temperature ranges.

2.  Store items out of direct sunlight.  A cool, dark environment is preferable, but if your items are exposed to lights or on display, LED lighting is ideal.  Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

3.  Purchase Mylar sleeves or acid free paper folders or boxes to house your items.  For supplies, see: or

4.  Do you have damaged items that require preservation?  Submit an inquiry via the contact form to request an evaluation.

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