Cleaning Stained and Yellowed Works of Art On Paper

A Charles Hamilton Smith engraved illustrated print prior to washing and stain reduction.

The same work of art on paper after treatment, which involved washing, deacidification and treatment with stain reducing agents.

Do you own a work of art on paper that is yellowing, acidic, foxed or stained?  Over time, paper can become yellowed, stained and acidic.  The causes of staining and discoloration vary from item to item.  In many instances, there were impurities present when the paper was originally produced.  These impurities, such as metal ions, chemical constituents and fungi/microorganisms can create foxing, staining and discoloration over time.  Printmaking methods may also introduce stains and discoloration.  Oils from the inks and environmental pollutants introduced during the printmaking process or during storage can cause yellowing and discoloration.  Many times, what was thought lost can be saved and restored to its former beauty.  The conservation treatments we offer can provide you with a variety of approaches and levels of care to preserve your artwork for many more years of enjoyment.  Visit the contact page to arrange a complimentary evaluation of your artwork.

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