The Creation of Parchment and Vellum

I discovered this nicely produced video on the manufacture of parchment.  Parchment and vellum are paper’s predecessors.  After stone tablets, they were a much more portable mode to record the written word.  As you can see from this documentary, the creation of parchment was a very labor-intensive process.  Eventually, when paper was invented, it became a less expensive substitute for parchment and vellum in many instances.  Parchment and vellum can become warped and cockled over time, due to the material’s sensitivity to fluctuations in humidity and temperature.  In many instances, the parchment must be restretched in a manner imitating its original manufacture, in order to flatten it again.

Thank You to everyone who viewed this video.If I can find more like this I will be happy to share them with you.We thought you might like this.In my day, a high speed copier, was a very fast monk.

Posted by Jim McIntosh on Monday, December 18, 2017

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