The Repair or Restoration of Brittle Transparency Papers

Do you have brittle transparent papers in your collection that require conservation treatment?  Because of the way they were manufactured, the preservation of transparency papers usually poses specific challenges.  The fibers within the paper have typically been beaten to very short lengths during the process of the paper’s creation.  This is what allowed the paper to be both transparent and thin.  In many instances, a variety of chemical constituents were used to break down the fiber for manufacture into paper.  Over the years, due to their thin and fragile nature, these papers have many times been repaired with non-archival tapes, which end up damaging the paper as well.  In our studio, we take special care to repair and restore transparent papers to their former glory.  The following is also an interesting article on the survey of transparency papers at the United Kingdom National Archives:

Surveying our transparent papers: volunteers in Collection Care


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