Military Discharge Paper Restoration and Repair

I have many clients who come to me with family heirlooms, including military discharge papers from ancestors long passed. These cherished family artifacts are often acidic, yellowing, and becoming embrittled. Many of them have tears and non-archival tape repairs, and are so damaged that they cannot be safely handled. Some suffer from iron gall ink corrosion, which can irreparably damage the paper of the document, and cause loss of text over time. You can see examples of all of these conditions in the discharge paper shown above. These documents require specialized treatment, many times including washing to reduce the acidic compounds and yellowing of the paper, as well as treating the paper to reduce iron gall ink corrosion and provide an alkaline buffer within the paper substrate. Often times non-archival tape repairs must be removed, and staining reduced. After receiving treatment from a trained conservator, these family heirlooms will be in highly improved condition. They can then be safely displayed or stored and handled at the owner’s discretion. If you would like to have your document evaluated by me for treatment, feel free to submit an inquiry via the contact form on my website:

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