Do You Have a Historic Baptismal Certificate That Requires Repair?

Do you have a baptismal certificate or other historic family document that is acidic, yellowing, or damaged? Many times, these types of family heirlooms are found in attics, basements, or tucked away in a box after many years of neglect. A large number of my clients are people who have inherited these irreplaceable pieces of family history and are in need of assistance preserving them for future generations. That is where I am always glad to provide my expertise and skills to give these historic documents new life and preserve them for many more years to come. Genealogical documents are some of my favorite artifacts to conserve. Most of the time, these documents require washing and treatment to reduce the acidity of the paper, which will prevent further embrittlement of the paper. Damaging tape repairs are also often present, and I will remove those and reduce tape stains during conservation treatment. After the document has been treated, any losses or tears to the paper are mended with archival Japanese tissue, and the finished piece is then ready for safe storage or display for many more years to come. Below are some photos of a recent project I completed conserving a family baptismal certificate:

Washing of a historic family baptismal certificate on a vacuum table. Notice all of the yellow acidic degradation products soaking into the white cotton blotter along the edges of the document.
A detail shot of washing the same baptismal certificate on a vacuum table.
Detail shot of a family baptismal certificate.
Detail shot of staining in a baptismal certificate, and agarose plugs used to test the certificate prior to treatment. The agarose plugs are imbued with a variety of solutions that help determine the most effective course of treatment for the document.
The baptismal certificate prior to treatment.
The baptismal certificate after conservation treatment.
The finished and framed baptismal certificate.

If you have a family document that you would like to have evaluated for conservation treatment, feel free to submit an inquiry via the contact form on my website:

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