Flattening an illuminated vellum scroll

It is quite common for vellum and parchment documents to be folded, which is often the case with land indentures, for instance. Storing vellum documents in a rolled format was also a common convention, especially for diplomas, certificates and illuminated manuscripts.

The problem arises eventually when, many years later, the vellum has aged and become less flexible, and it falls into the hands of someone who wants to view the document in its entirety.

In this case, the client’s artifact is an oversize illuminated vellum manuscript with many soluble inks. The vellum itself is quite thick. It required several rounds of careful and intensive humidification and flattening.

Care was taken to preserve the sensitive media. After fine-tuning the treatment approach and successfully flattening the manuscript, the client now has a beautiful, artistically rendered document he can have framed and placed on display.

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