The Tate Museum: Caring For Art During COVId

Following is an excellent video that the Tate Museum created about the ways in which museum staff have creatively adapted to ensure safety of art collections and patrons during the COVID pandemic.

Curators of time-based media projects have had to rethink exhibit display methods and remove headphones & other high-traffic common surfaces. They have also recreated the exhibition spaces and the way the artwork is viewed to allow for social distancing. The Tate Museum has an extensive collection of works of art on paper that can be viewed by any visitor. Additional safety precautions have had to be implemented to ensure the safety of the visitors and museum staff, so now artworks are placed on display prior to visitors entering the viewing room, rather than while the visitors are in the viewing room. During the shutdown, there was also a lot of care that went into ensuring the artwork was all stored properly. It’s a fascinating and germaine topic in this new era, and the video is well worth the watch.

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