Restoration of Graduate Diplomas

Diplomas and certificates of various kinds often become yellowed and discolored over time, frequently from acidic framing materials and from exposure to light and environmental pollutants.

Clients often contact me to have their diplomas repaired and conserved. In this particular instance, the diploma had become yellowed and cockled over time. At one point it had been exposed to moisture, which had made the parchment warp and buckle.

My job was to improve its appearance and help preserve it for many more years to come. The treatment involved washing it via vacuum to reduce the staining and deacidify the parchment.

Above, the diploma during stain reduction treatment on the vacuum table.

The parchment responded very well to treatment and the diploma is now ready for reframing with archival materials and UV-coated plexiglass.

Above, the same diploma after washing, stain reduction and deacidification.

If you require assistance preserving your diploma or certificate, feel free to submit an inquiry via my contact page:

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