Book Repair and Conservation Testimonials

Marianne Kelsey restored a deteriorating 150-page family scrapbook, dating from the 1860s and 70s.  The contents—newspaper articles, Civil War documents, and letters assembled by my great grandfather, a Confederate drummer boy—have historical value; however they are, to me, priceless.

I selected Ms. Kelsey, after interviewing several conservators, some of them with national reputations and large staffs.  She immediately tuned in to what I wanted and walked me through my options, as no other company or individual was able to do.  I feel like I got the best of both worlds: personalized, sensitive attention and top-drawer expertise and skill.  I appreciated being able to deal directly with the technician doing the job.  I was struck with her passion for her craft and her love of historical books and papers.

Thanks to Marianne, I possess a family treasure that I am confident will be enjoyed by many future generations.”


Athens, Georgia

The large victorian-era etching of “The Prodigal Son” has graced the front hall of my historic home since I bought it at auction in the early 1990s.  While a beautiful piece, it was very dirty from past neglect. Marianne cleaned and restored it beyond my expectations — I was delighted with the outcome!”


Professor, Dept. of Biology and Marine Biology

Our family had 2 large volumes of documents, some over 200 years old and most over 100 years old. Marianne painstakingly and thoroughly worked with each piece. They were washed, tested and cleaned in a very professional manner. Non-archival tape was professionally removed, and tears in the pieces were mended.  The finished product was beautiful beyond my imagining.”
Joe and Katrina Avery

I had previously read about her background and qualifications, and I am very happy with the work that Marianne did.”

Genealogical Researcher