Conservation treatment of a Chagall Lithograph

Not long ago, a piece of artwork came into my studio that caused some deliberation. A gorgeous lithograph by Marc Chagall printed on handmade Japanese paper. At some point in its past, the artwork had been folded into quarters for storage in an envelope. Two creased fold lines bisected this beautiful piece, marring the image.

A fine art lithograph by Marc Chagall that was folded into quarters and required repair.

I spent some time debating the best approach to reduce the fold lines. After some research and consulting with a colleague, I ended up settling on the use of a Dacron lining. This technique involved adhering the wet artwork to a piece of Dacron fabric to dry under restraint after washing and treating it to reduce stains.

The Dacron fabric was applied to a flat surface, then the artwork was laid on the Dacron lining to dry under restraint.

Following is a video demonstrating lifting the treated artwork away from the lining:

The results were quite pleasing! The fold lines and staining were greatly reduced. Now, the artwork is ready for archival framing at Penland Custom Frames.

Post-treatment photo of the Chagall lithograph.

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