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Thank you for your interest in my services.

I offer conservation treatments for items of either rare or sentimental value, including: books, works of art on paper, manuscripts, birth certificates, diplomas, and photographs.

For customers within driving distance, I offer estimates from my studio. You are also welcome to make arrangements to mail your item(s) to me for a quote. I periodically make trips to East Coast & Southeastern cities including Atlanta, Birmingham, Washington DC, Richmond, Charlottesville, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville to provide consultations for customers residing in those regions. Feel free to fill out the contact form below, or call my studio to speak with me in person. I look forward to helping you preserve your precious artifacts.

Areas Served:

The East Coast & Southeastern area of the United States (Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, etc. And cities such as Charlotte, Greensboro, Charleston, Raleigh, Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Chattanooga and Knoxville.

Call my Studio:

(336) 509-0536

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  • Please describe the item requiring treatment (ie: paper documents, map, poster, work of art on paper, book, photograph, etc.), as well as any existing damage.
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Book and paper conservation estimates are based upon the time and materials required to treat the objects, not their intrinsic value. If you wish to know the value of your object, we suggest you contact a professional art or book appraiser in your area. If you are not sure how to find a professional art appraiser, The American Society of Appraisers provides a searchable database on their website.

If You Plan to Ship Items to My Studio:

If you are preparing to package your artwork, document or book to be shipped to my studio, the following are some suggestions for best shipping practices:

  • If the item is a flat, two-dimensional object (artwork, map or document), determine whether it is best to ship it flat or rolled.
    • If you plan to ship your artifact rolled, be sure to carefully roll it around a sturdy cardboard tube. It is ideal if the tube is at least 3” longer on either end (6” total extra length) of the artifact.  If the cardboard tube is 3” or more in diameter, stuff packing paper or bubble wrap inside the tube as well.  Wrap a protective layer of plastic sheeting around the rolled artifact and seal it at the ends with tape, taking care to avoid applying tape directly to the artifact.  Wrap the item in bubble wrap and place it inside a larger cardboard shipping tube.  There should be enough bubble wrap that it fits snugly and does not slide around loosely inside the larger tube.  Label the tube clearly as “Fragile” in several locations.  Label it clearly with address information as well.
    • Shipping Flat: If you plan to ship your artifact flat, please be certain to remove glass and plexiglass from framing packages, as these materials can shatter during shipment and cause further damage to your artifact.  Place the item between two pieces of protective interleaving (paper, silicone release paper, Mylar), and then two sturdy pieces of matboard or cardboard.  Ideally allow at least a couple of inches of additional margin on all sides of the cardboard/matboard.  Tape the boards securely shut, sealing the artifact inside.  Wrap them in bubble wrap, and then place them inside a sturdy cardboard box.  Make sure there is sufficient packing material/bubble wrap , ensuring that the item fits snugly inside the box and cannot shift around easily.  Seal the box shut with tape, marking it clearly as “Fragile” on all sides.  Label the package clearly with address information.
  • If you are mailing books, place them inside a sealed plastic bag. Wrap them in bubble wrap, and place them inside a cardboard box.  Place this cardboard box inside a larger cardboard box, surrounded by packing material (packing paper, newsprint, bubble wrap). Seal the box shut with tape, marking it clearly as “Fragile” on all sides.  Label the package clearly with address information.