Diploma Restoration & Repair in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia and the East Coast

Diploma Restoration BEFORE

Diploma Restoration BEFORE

Diploma Restoration AFTER

Diploma Restoration AFTER

Do you have a damaged diploma that requires repair?

I can assist you. I am a diploma restoration expert.

At my studio, we specialize in restoring paper of all varieties.  Tears, stains, non-archival tape damage and acidic paper can be addressed to stabilize and preserve your valued paper or vellum diploma for many more years to come.

How do you make arrangements to have your diploma repaired?

:: Submit an inquiry via the contact form on my contact page or call my studio at (336) 509-0536.

::  We will make arrangements for a consultation.  I offer complimentary consultations for clients who can meet me at my Greensboro studio, or you can arrange to mail the diploma to my studio for evaluation.

:: I will examine your diploma and provide you with treatment recommendations and the fees associated with them.

:: Should you decide to proceed with treatment, you will deposit the diploma and a $100 non-refundable quote fee.

:: I will draft an official quotation document, which is a legal agreement that denotes the treatments recommended and their fees.

:: Once you have reviewed and signed the necessary paperwork, and made a 50% deposit, your volume is placed in my work queue.

:: The remaining balance is due upon completion of your project.

I look forward to helping you preserve your precious diploma!