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The Psychology of creativity

An interesting article about creativity and the way the human mind works. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/boundless/201907/the-psychology-creativity…


Washing Stained & Yellowed Artwork

Often, when artwork arrives for treatment at my studio, washing and stain reduction are required to reduce overall discoloration, as well as foxing and staining due to tape adhesives and moisture incursion. Staining can be caused by a variety…


The Tate Museum: Caring For Art During COVId

Following is an excellent video that the Tate Museum created about the ways in which museum staff have creatively adapted to ensure safety of art collections and patrons during the COVID pandemic. Curators of time-based media projects have had…


fine Art Restoration of a Lithograph by Marc chagall

Periodically there are projects that cross my path which pose a special challenge. Recently, a beautiful lithograph by the Russian-French early Modernist Marc Chagall arrived at my studio. The client’s daughter had been given this lovely piece as a…


Preserving The Writings of a Presbyterian Religious Martyr

It is an honor to perform the work of a conservator: preserving history and cultural heritage. The objects that cross my path all bear their own characteristics and personality. The marks of the people who made them as well…


Flattening an illuminated vellum scroll

It is quite common for vellum and parchment documents to be folded, which is often the case with land indentures, for instance. Storing vellum documents in a rolled format was also a common convention, especially for diplomas, certificates and…