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Art Conservation at the Freer Gallery of Art

This is a very well crafted video overview of conservation at the Freer Gallery of Art. You can see the process of consolidating a work of art on paper where the media has cracked and fragmented, as well as…


How Do You Preserve Aboriginal and Pacific Artifacts for the Future?

https://www.abc.net.au/radio/canberra/programs/afternoons/conserving-aboriginal-and-pacific-artefacts-victoria-pearce/12550830?fbclid=IwAR3i0LZKFp1GXrXpt0R3OaqDZgQ-1BYWQDlPZF_MIDyGCWxeXo33ELciRxk If you have purchased Aboriginal or Pacific souvenirs, they may require special handling and storage to preserve them for the long-term. Concerns such as exposure to light, humidity and safe handling are paramount. Listen to the informative talk…


How to Preserve Your Genealogical Documents

Are you the history buff of your family? Do you have a strong interest in genealogy and your family tree? If so, you may have gathered a collection of documents and bound volumes like scrapbooks, journals or family bibles.…


Vellum & Parchment Conservation & History

Due to their sensitive nature, vellum and parchment manuscripts must be handled with great care. Vellum has a tendency to warp and cockle when exposed to fluctuations in humidity. Pictured above you can see a previously rolled vellum manuscript…


Introducing Fibernacci Press!

I would like to introduce my friend and colleague Susanne Baker, papermaker, marbler and bookbinding extraordinaire. Susanne exudes magic and whimsy in all of her creative endeavors, and derives great joy from both creating gorgeous, high-quality handmade papers, as…


Rethinking Audubon’s Legacy

This sensitive and honest article takes a look at the life of John James Audubon, and the way he related to Native Americans and African Americans. He apparently had slaves, and was a supporter of the practice of slavery.…


How is Iron Gall Ink Made?

This is a question that I encounter frequently in my work with historic documents. Everything from land indentures to family bibles other documents contain iron gall ink. The recipe is said to have originated with Pliny the Elder, an…